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Here is our portfolio ! – We list some examples of technical problems recently addressed by commercial and industrial organisations, radio and televition, as well as private individuals. Our clients are based in countries such as Australia, Brasil, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

  • Supersonic drag for ground effect
  • Modification of Berkhut aircraft for low speed cruise
  • Effects of pimples on marine vessel hull surface
  • Autorotation of falling confetti
  • Aerodynamics of human cannonball
  • Aerodynamic data for rotating plates
  • Aerodynamics and dynamics of fly fishing
  • Drag of different kite tails, based on length and shape
  • Steady and transient analysis of pipeline compressible flow
  • Analysis of flow meter accuracy
  • The largest wing aspect-ratio in the world
  • Drag of cylinder at hypersonic speeds
  • Helicopter rate of descent vs gross weight in forward flight
  • Drag of AK-47 bullet versus speed at supersonic speeds
  • Degradation of performance of light aircraft with the increase of moisture in air
  • Surface pressure on building vs wind speed
  • Drag of boat-tail geometries and deep cavities
  • Yawing tendencies in single engine propeller aircraft, due to change in angular momentum
  • Critical wind forces on Motor Homes
  • Ivan Florine and the invention of the helicopter
  • Power curves of prop engine, influence of pitch, rpm, diameter
  • Supercritical wing sections performances
  • Leading edge upwash influence on induced drag
  • Unsteady propeller effects due to ship keel
  • The aerodynamics of flying upside-down
  • Inertial coupling of F-100 Super Sabre fighter airplane
  • Aerodynamic coefficients vs Mach number of F-15, F16
  • How large and at what rpm rotor would I need to lift 50 kg ?
  • Reducing the CD on 2000 Passat Wagon from 0.3 to 0.2
  • Airfoil circulation on arbitrary circuit
  • Intake drag on jet engines
  • Drag of a semi-sphere in cross-sectional flow, Re = 10,000
  • Aircraft tyre drag, with rotating and non rotating wheels
  • Envelope limit factors on helicopter forward flight
  • Manufacturing of riblets
  • Ground effects at take-off and landing of commercial airplanes
  • Centrifugal effects on rotating flows
  • Flow induced vibrations around cylinder

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Copyright © A. Filippone (1997-2005). All Rights Reserved.