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We are happy to serve about 4,500 unique visitors every week, downloading over 110,000 document pages every month (over 1 million files every month) – more than other popular web sites; has been running since 1999, the visitors have been steadily increasing. We have been answering questions from around the world, and received very positive feedback.

The web site is found through all the major search engines, and a search with Google will certainly point to Through our analysis, we have found that readers have accessed our web site by typing over 4,200 search terms !

This makes one of the most popular web sites of its kind – though it is not properly advertised. We are now looking for sponsors, to support the running of the web site, for the extension of the database and the services we provide (for example, directories of business, research, education, etc). We are committed to the quality of information.

Unlike many other sites, we reach the whole community in a broad range of technical fields. Besides the usual .com and .net, we have a huge popularity among .edu and .ac domains. Countries represented vary as much as the United States and and Fiji, e.g. the whole United Nations list of countries.

We are able provide technical services and information however related to the aspects presented in this web site, including data, regulations, intelligence reports and more. We offer analysis and comments on related topics to journalists and producers.

For advertising, sponsorship and further information, please contact Dr. Filippone at the address below.

UMIST Antonio Filippone
Dept. Mechanical Engineering
Thermo and Fluids Division
P.O. Box 88
Manchester M60 1QD
United Kingdom

Phone (+44) 161- 200 3702 (direct)
Fax (+44) 161- 200 3723
Email: [email protected]

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Copyright © A. Filippone (1999-2004). All Rights Reserved.