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  • Road Vehicles Aerodynamics

I have collected in this list books on motor vehicles aerodynamics. Again, more specialised references are provided on request. different topics.

This topic covers mostly bluff bodies, ground effects, flow separation, and not least drag issues. For the practical minds, there is also enough material to check out (namely vehicles performances).

  1. Katz J. Race Car Aerodynamics, Robert Bentley Publ. Cambridge, MA, 1995.
    Review: Aerodynamics for those who want to understand aerospace technology behind racing cars. Valuable data and references. Aerodynamics is treated at a basic level. The book is rich in photographs, diagrams and graphics, but also points to some more technical studies.

  2. Milliken WF, Milliken DL. Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, SAE International, Warrendale, PA, 1995.
    Review: Compendium of car dynamics and aerodynamics. The aerodynamics chapters provide a summary of high lift systems, flows over bluff bodies, ground effects and drag issues. A thick valuable book. Recommended.

  3. Sovran G, Morel T, Mason WT. (editors)Aerodynamic Drag Mechanisms of Bluff Bodies and Road Vehicles, Plenum Press, New York, 1978.
    Review: A conference proceedings with valuable information many years after. It includes important experimental results, physical analysis and a few computed data. It is particularly useful to study bluff body aerodynamics. Highly recommended

  4. Hucho WH. (editor), Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles, 4th edition, SAE International (ISBN 0-7680-0029-7)
    Review: Compiled with works from several German specialists. Valuable collection of data, particularly or vehicles drag. The 4th edition runs to nearly 1000 pages, and is considered by some the bible of the motor vehicles aerodynamics. Must Have for those working in the field.

  5. Dorgham, MA. Impact of Aerodynamics on Vehicle Design, Proceedings of the International Conf. in Advances in Vehicle Design, London, June 1982. Special Publications SP3 (1983), Interscience Ltd, ISBN 0 907776 01 9.
    Review: It is a good conference proceedings, with chapters on aerodynamics of motor cars, commercial vehicles, tracked vehicles, computational and experimental techniques. There are techniques for advanced aerodynamic design and drag reduction.

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