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Racing Aerodynamics

CAD model

The model below was created with I-DEAS, translated into IGES, and made ready for surface grid generation with another system (ICEM/CFD). CFD analysis confidential.

CAD Model
Figure 1. CAD model of full car (Courtesy of Zack Izham, 1998)

Panels Model

Full Car
Figure 2. CAD + VSAERO model of full car (Full Image)

VSAERO model of the Indy Swift 007i chassis consisting of :

  • 30 patches/side
  • 14 wakes/side
  • 4435 body panels/side
  • 2190 wake panels/side
Other characteristics:
  • 5 unconnected groups
  • Non rotating wheels
  • No inlet flow allowed in the sidepods
  • No outlet flow allowed from the sidepods
  • Ground effect
  • Free Wake

Front and rear wing configurations as designed by the Applied Aerodynamics Group at the University of Illinois (special thanks to Ashok). The geometry file has been created with AutoCad (courtesy of B.J. Jasinsky) and special purpose software.

Published with Permission (Ford Motor Corp. and University of Illinois, Urbana).

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Copyright © A. Filippone (1999-2003). All Rights Reserved.