Aerodynamics Release 4.1.1
Sept 2006

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Aerodynamics is an engineering science concerned with the interaction between bodies and the atmosphere. Technological applications include: General aviation (commercial, cargo, and business aircraft); V/STOL vehicles (helicopters, some military aircraft, tilt rotors); lighter-than-air vehicles (airships, balloons, aerostats); aerodynamic decelerators (parachutes, thrust reversal devices); road vehicles (passenger and racing cars, commercial vehicles, high speed trains); spacecraft, missiles and rockets, low- to high-speed flight (micro air vehicles to hypersonic waveriders), high altitude flight, human powered flight, unmanned flight, gliders, energy conversion systems (wind and gas turbines); propulsion systems (propellers, jet engines, gas turbines).

This web site is an electronic media about aerodynamics, aeronautics and propulsion systems. The topics presented are of general interest, more or less advanced. The site is addressed to the expert and non expert who have a prior knowledge of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. There is no mathematics. Large use is made of graphics, figures, tables, summaries, reference to further reading. More