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Gee Bee

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The Granville Brothers (Gee Bee) airplane (photos above) is a stoky, barrel-like airplane used for sports/acrobatics at airshows since the early 1930s (here a replica airplane is showing at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, summer 1997). The airplane was designed with a minimal airframe, just enough to fit a pilot and an over-sized, radial piston engine (see data below).

The achievements include a land speed record at 480 km/h (300 miles/h) in 1931 (in spite of its free standing landing gear !), and several trophies won over the years. However, the airplane history was plagued by fatal crashes, with cases of airframes exploding in mid-air.

Technical data (Gee-Bee, Model E)

max speed 238 km/h (148 miles/h)
cruise speed 208 km/h
service ceiling 5800 m (19,000 ft)
range 880 km (550 miles)
powerplant 1 x 82 Kw, 7 cylinder engine
wing span 7.62 m (25 ft)
length 5.11 m (16 ft, 9 in)
max take-off weight 625 kg (1040 lb)

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