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  • Aerodynamic Drag

The books reviewed below are mostly collections of papers. The topic is very extensive, since nearly all the aerodynamics of aerospace and ground vehicles is concerned with some drag problems. The items report extensive bibliography of their own.

  1. AGARD, Special Course on Skin Friction Drag Reduction, AGARD R-786, published jointly by the Von Karman Institute, Belgium, March 1992.
    Review: up-to-date collection of papers, with extensive bibliography.

  2. Choi KS, Prasad KK, Truong TV. (editors) Emerging Techniques in Drag Reduction, Mechanical Eng. Publ. Ltd, London, 1996 (ISBN 0-08529-8917-2)
    Review: As the title implies, mostly experimental and laboratory techniques (riblets, large-eddy break-up devices, wall cooling, etc.)

  3. Gyr A, Bewersdorff HW. Drag Reduction of Turbulent Flows by Additives, Kluwer Academic Publ. 1995 (ISBN 0-7923-3485-X)
    Review: Fundamentals of polymer properties and special technical applications.

  4. AGARD, Skin Friction Drag Reduction, AGARD R-786, Von Karman Special Course Notes, Brussels, March 1992.
    Review: Covers most of the issues of viscous drag reduction from the point of view of aircraft aerodynamics.

  5. Sellin RHJ, Moses RT. Drag Reduction in Fluid Flows: Techniques for Friction Control, Ellis Horwood Ltd, Chichester, 1989 (ISBN 0-7458-0753-X)
    Review: Conference proceedings, many topics covered, including riblets, large-eddy break up devices and polymers. Quick read.

  6. Hoerner SF. Fluid Dynamic Drag, Hoerner Fluid Dynamics, Bricktown, N.J., 1965.
    Review: MUST HAVE. Although a bit outdated now, it is still a source of valuable information. Hoerner reports drag coefficients of nearly anything facing an air stream, including the Empire State building. Almost all the drag data you wanted to know.

  7. Sovran G, Morel T, Mason WT. (editors), Aerodynamic Drag Mechanisms of Bluff Bodies and Road Vehicles, Plenum Press, New York, 1978.
    Review: A conference proceedings with valuable information many years after. There are important experimental investigations on bluff bodies (features of flow separation, trade studies) on a number of ground vehicles (trucks, buses, cars). Recommended

  8. Jacobs, Eastman N. Sphere Drag Tests in the Variable Density Wind Tunnel, NACA TN-312, 1929.

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