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The web site (“Web Site”) and its contents (“Contents”) are property of Antonio Filippone (“The Author”). The Web Site may be used only for your own personal and non-commercial purposes. You agree not to copy, reproduce, modify, display, publish, create similar works from, or store any Content from the Web Site in any form. You also agree not to distribute, circulate or sell any Content from the Web Site to anyone, including (but not limited to) someone else in the same organization or company, without the express prior written consent of The Author. Exception is granted in the following case:

You may, on an occasional basis, reproduce and distribute an insubstantial portion of Content for a non commercial purpose and without charge to a limited number of individuals, provided you include all copyright and other proprietary rights notices with such portion of the Content. Credit shall report the original source attribution, and the phrase “Used with Permission from“.

2. Copyright and Other Credits

Text, HTML files, JAVA scripts, pictures, photos, graphics, sketches, results, tables, databases and book reviews have been especially prepared for this site, and are The Author’s own work, unless otherwise acknowledged. All the material is UNCLASSIFIED and NON-SENSITIVE.

3. Hyperlinks to Third Parties

The Web Site contains some hyperlinks (“Links”) pointing to third parties. These Links are provided for further reference and for your convenience only. All Links prompt to new browser windows, and therefore lead you out of the domain. You agree that The Author is not responsible for the contents of such web sites, and that in no circumstances such contents reflect The Author’s point of view.

4. Disclaimer and Liability Terms

Due to the number of sources the Content is compiled from (scientific and technical journals, reports, books, magazines, newspapers, press releases, unpublished material and other communications), there may be inaccuracies in the data reported.

The Content of the Web Site is provided “As Is”, without any Warranties of Accuracy, Completeness, Currentness, Noninfringement, Merchantability OR Fitness for any Purpose, including (but not limited to) Scientific, Technical or Engineering Purpose. It is disclaimed any such express or implied Warranties. The Author will not be liable to you or anyone else for any Loss or Injury, resulting directly from use of the Web Site, caused in whole or part by his negligence or contingencies beyond his control in Compiling, Interpreting, Reporting or Delivering the Web Site and any of its Content. In no Event will the Author be Liable to you or anyone else for any Decision made or Action taken by you in Reliance on such Content.

5. Forum

The Author rewards USD 500.- to anybody pointing to unauthorized publications, copies and commercial use not reporting the Credits as specified in point 1. of this document. Suit fill follow.

6. Security Notice

This computer system is subject to monitoring at all times, to ensure proper functioning of the systems and other equipment, to prevent unauthorized use, access, violation of security, fraud and criminal activity. If monitoring reveals possible violations, the system will be shut down and appropriate action will be taken.

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