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Beech Model 17, Staggerwing

Beech Model 17, Staggerwing

[photo courtesy of Darrell A. Graves Sr, 2001]

The Beech Model 17, first flown in 1932, featured a biplane wing with a stagger configuration (hence the nickname, Staggerwing) and wheels retractable inside the landing gear fairings. Here is a model showing at Oshkosh. I have taken the photo so as to show the best view of the stagger configuration.

In 1936, pilots L. Thaden and B. Noyes flew a Staggerwing to victory in the Bendix transcontinental competition. The airplane also served as a fast transport for the Allied Forces in World War II. A modern version of the Staggerwing has been recently designed and produced in kits by Griffon Aerospace.

Technical Data (Model G17/S):

max speed 340 km/h ( 212 miles/h)
maximum range 1600 km ( 1,000 miles)
wing span 9.75 m
MTOW 1930 kg
powerplant 1 x 336 Kw PW R-985-AN engines

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