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Antonov An 225 (Mryia)

Antonov An 225

Antonov An-225 is the largest aircraft ever built. Here is shown only as the massive nose (it did not fit in a 35 mm slide). With 7 pairs of wheels on main landing gear, 24 wheels in all, it is a monster of the air.

Designed in the 1980s to transport over size cargo (including the Russian space vehicle Buran on piggyback) it never became a commercial enterprise. One one aircraft was built (the above, shown at the Paris Air show). The competitor (slightly smaller airplane) An-114, instead, has become more popular.

The maximum demostrated take off weight is MTOW = 508,200 kg, with a payload of 156,300 Kg, although the design point was at MTOW = 600,000 kg, with PAY – 250,000.

The wing is clean, having no fences and no vortex generators. The 6 turbofan engines provide a maximum of 1,377,000 kN of thrust.

Technical Data

Cruise Speed M=0.76
Powerplant 6 x 229.5 kN, D-18T ZMKB
Wing Span 88.4 m
Cruise altitude 12,300 m
Empty Weight 150,000 kg
Max Take-Off Weight 508,300 kg

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