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Aerospace Database

Additional data and analyses are available on request from this web site. Some data have been recently published (Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol 36, No. 8, 2000). Please refer to this paper for more information.

How to Read the Data

For each aircraft/rotorcraft in any category there are several versions, including different powerplants, mission set-up, and other specifications required by a customer.

Type of Data

Optional Data

Some performance data include a number of other aerodynamic characteristics and performances. They can be as follows: maximum ground speed, long range speed, approach speed, stalling speed, take-off speed, maximum roll rates, maximum angle of attack, minimum turn radius, cruising range, combat range, endurance, and more.

Weight data are among the most disparate, and include empty weight, fuel weight, landing weight, etc.

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Copyright © A. Filippone (1999-2001). All Rights Reserved.