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  • Aeroacoustics

Here are some books where you can find useful data, illustration, valuable bibliography.

  1. Smith MJT. Aircraft Noise, Cambridge Aerospace Series, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1989.
    Review: A comprehensive engineering book, ideal reference to start from. I found it satisfying to read, from the human reaction to noise. It includes a detailed discussion on noise sources (powerplants, fuselage, propellers, turbines, etc.), data acquisition and performance prediction, sonic boom. It also reports extensive data of aircraft certified noise level. Recommended.

  2. Godlstein ME. Aeroacoustics, McGraw-Hill, 1976.
    Review: A complementary book to Smith’s (see above). This text is a fundamental theoretical book that explains the physics and provides a correct formulation of the governing equations. There is a disussion of aerodynamic sound, effecs of solid boundaries, uniform and non uniform mean flows.

  3. Dowling, A. & Ffwocs-Williams, J. Sound and Sources of Sound, Ellis Horwood (1983), ISBN 0853125279.
    Review: This book contains some fundamental discussion of important problems in acoustics: Characteristics of sound, three-dimensional waves, waves in pipes and tubes, resonators, reverberant chambers, sound field of moving sourcs, flow-induced vibrations and instability. Very good teaching and engineering resource.

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